I’ve been working with high school students in number theory, algebra, and proof writing for the past several years.  In Fall 2017, I wrote a full curriculum and taught it to a small online class. This also inspired edits in my Intermediate Number Theory text.

Number Theory Lecture Notes

  1. Divisibility (pdf) (soln)
  2. Remainders (pdf) (soln)
  3. Euclidean Algorithm (pdf) (soln)
  4. Primes and Polynomials (pdf) (soln)
  5. Multiplicative Functions (pdf) (soln)
  6. Fermat’s Little Theorem (pdf) (soln)
  7. Euler’s Theorem (pdf) (soln)
  8. Quadratics (pdf) (soln)
  9. Recursion (pdf)
  10. Number Theory Games (pdf)
  11. Harmonic Sums (pdf)
  12. Riemann Zeta Function & Fractals (pdf) (pdf)

The notes below were my first attempt to teach number theory in an innovative way.

  • A-Star 2016 Winter Math Camp AMC Number Theory Notes (pdf)

Additionally, I’ve given several lectures to the NNVMath team for ARML.

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  • Sit Back and Enjoy the Problems (AoPS)